Digital cooking thermometer OW-G11

Cheap handy transparent digital cooking thermometer with probe for liquid

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Model Number: OW-G11

    Major use for family cook and outside travel barbecue, and mesure temperature for industry.


    If you want to make sure food is cooked to the correct temperature, thereby eliminating any harmful bacteria that may be present, is to use a food thermometer. The Digital Thermometer was created with that in mind, so you can have easy and fast readings, every day and on every cooking moments, inside your home or outside during a BBQ .


    Used for cooking steak, lamb, pork and other food temperature test, it will help you

    cooking well tasty food.



    What are the characteristic of OW-G11?

    1. Novel contour and unique streamline design

    2. Available water cleaning, easy and convenient to use it;

    3. Waterproof structure;

    4. Transparent display;

    5. Digital LCD display;

    6. Temperature Range:-50°C~+300℃;

    7. Accuracy: display±0.1~1℃;

    8. Battery:1.5V AG3*1PCS (Can be replaced);

    9. °C/°F switchable, One-touch operation;

    10. Dimension: 16*58mm, probe Length: 125mm;

    11. Pipeline length of 75mm/120mm/200mm

    12. Material: ABS, + stainless steel 304

    13. Certification: CE & Rohs

    14. Packing : Blister card packaging

    15. GW: 32g

    16. 60 minutes auto power off.

    17. Application: Meat , beverages, edible oil, spices, drinking water, etc.

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