Temperature humidity OW-E3

Household digital temperature and humidity display tester monitor

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  • Specifications
  • MODE: OW-E3


    1: Calendar display range: January 1, 2000 ~ December 31, 2049; Time display 12/24 hour clock.

    2: Switch Date / Time / weeks / sec display.

    3: switchable display,  °C/°F

    4: Temperature range: 0 °C ~ 50 °C    32°F~122°F

    5: Display Resolution: 0.1 °C; Accuracy: ± 1 °C

    6: Humidity Range: 10% RH ~ 95% RH   accuracy:60%  ± 5% RH

    7: memory or remove the maximum / minimum temperature and humidity

    8: Outdoor thermo and outdoor Hygro with Clock 

    Functional testing                                                 


    (fitted with battery, display: January 1, 2004, PM12: 00 00 °C temperature value)

    1. MODE key, time setting, switch display time / date. Hold down the MODE button 2 seconds to enter time settings, and then MODE button to set the corresponding bit will be blinking, set the following order: 12/24 hours, seconds, hours, minutes, year, month, day.


    2. UP button, forward button. Press MODE button 2 seconds later, according to the objectives to be set up, transfer press UP key to advance to the set position.


    3. MAX / MIN button: Displays the maximum / minimum temperature humidity recorder 

    In the normal state, according to MAX / MIN key to switch showed the largest → minimum value of the current temperature and humidity. In the MAX or MIN displays status, no buttons automatically after 8 seconds to return the current temperature and humidity display. The maximum / minimum temperature recorded humidity removal, in the MAX or MIN of the state, hold down the MAX / MIN button 2 seconds clear of the show the highest / most low humidity, and return the current temperature and humidity display.


    4. °C / °F key: Switch degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit.

    FIX the unit on a wall or place on desktop, product use a 1.5V AAA batteries. Font fuzzy, please replace the battery. And pay attention to environmental protection.

    A  model with 1.5-meter temperature and humidity sensing line.




    Measure tolerance: temperature 0°C~50°C   32°F~122°F  

    Resolution : 0.1°C     Accuracy : ±1°C

    Humidity :10%RH~95%RH

    Resolution :1%RH    

    Accuracy:60% ±5%

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