Promotional laser distance meter price OW-3009

CP-100S Portable digital laser long distance meter 

Capacity: 40m, 50m, 60m, 80m,100m.

Model Number: OW-3009

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  • Specifications                                                                                                                  


    The ULTRASONIC DISTANCE METER + LASER POINTER is a perfect tool to quickly know the distance, area and volume of a room! It can measure distances in a straight-line from 2 Feet to 60 Feet. Your distance measurer transmits ultrasonic waves to a point you want to measure.


    Details Brand new 100%,high quality A unique tool combing latest ultrasonic & laser technologies which allows user to take distance measurement easily. With simple single handed operation, the device can measure, not only distance, but also convert those measurements to square and cube readings automatically. A built-in laser pointer can help to determine user's target. 

    • Power : 1 x 9V (battery not included)

    • Unit of measurement : Feet or Meters

    • Accuracy : 0.5% + 1 digit (2 - 60ft)

    • Working frequency : 40kHz

    • Working temperature : 32F to 109.4F

    • Range : 2 to 60 ft (0.55 to 18.288m)

    • Dimensions : 2 1/2" x 5" x 2" inches

    • Sonic Distance Meter Measure

    • Brand new 100%,high quality

    • Compact and unique design

    • Accurately measures distance from 2 feet to 60 feet

    • Calculates area and volume




           Compact and unique design Accurately measures distance from 2 feet to 60 feet Calculates area and volume Laser pointer helps to determine target to be measured Conversion of readings between imperial and metric Ideal for D.I.Y. homeowners, builders, real estate agents and surveyors etc.

    • Perfect for realtors, builders, and anyone who needs a measurement or room's area quickly

    • Ultrasonic distance measurer With laser point aiming

    • Foot/Meter function button

    • LCD screen

    • Auto stop: Power auto off within 30 seconds;

    • Calculation of area and volume.

    • Metric or imperial measurement.

    • Top and bottom base switch

    • With referenced laser point 

    • Support multiplication 

    • Support the bottom and top measurement switch 

    • Support m/ft conversion measurement 

    • 30 seconds without operating automatic shutdown 

    • Can detect link temperature

    • Can detect the ambient temperature

    •  Material: ABS 

    • Color: Black 

    • Size: 123 x 60 x 39mm 

    • Battery: 9V battery x 1 (not included) 

    • Measurement data unit: foot and meter 

    • Accuracy: 0.5% + 1digit (2-60 feet) 

    • Operating frequency: 40kHz 

    • Operating temperature: 32 to 109.4 °F (0 to 43 °C) 

    • Measuring range: 2-60 feet (0.55-18M) 

    • Keys: READ (Measurement / Start button), SET (reference setting key), X / = (multiply / equals key) 



    Technical data                                                                                                                 



    Ultrasonic distance measurer with laser pointer

    Distance measurement

    0.55 - 18.288m (2-60ft)

    used area

    indoors and outdoors

    how to work

    With laser pointer function to determine target to be measured

    Power supply:

    1 x 9V Alkaline type 6LR61 Battery (Not included)

    Units of Measure:



    ±(0.5%+1 digit)


    Auto power off; Area / volume calculation


    0.01M or 1/2 Inch


    40 kHz (ultrasonic pickup)

    Working temperature:

    32°F to 109.4°F (0°C to 43°C)



    Dimensions (H-P-l):


    Weight (without battery):


    Laser beam:

    Wattage 1mW (mW =milliwatt)


    650nm (nm =nanometer)


    CE, ROHS




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