Digital Infared Thermometer Gun OW-8380

industrial & household digital infared gun

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  • Digital Infared Thermometer Gun

    Model: OW-8380


    Temperature range:  -50°C~+380°C (-58°F~716°F)    

    Accuracy:    ±2% or 2°C    

    Distance spot ratio:   8:01    

    Emissivity:    0.95    

    Response time & Wavelength:  500ms&(8-14um)    

    Repeatability:    ±1% or ±1°C    

    Resolution:   0.1°C or 0.1°F    

    Storage temperature:   -20°C~50°C ( -4°F~122°F )    

    Operating temperature:   0°C~50°C ( 32°F~122°F )    

    Product color:   ORANGE and GREY    

    Unit:   °C/F SELECTION    

    Function:   Data hold function    

    Power off:   Auto Power shut off    

    Indication:    Low battery indication    

    Power supply:    9V battery    

    Display:    Backlight display    

    Certificates:    CE and ROHS    

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